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Measurements and KPIs are crucial for our ability to improve. Used in the right way, they provide a vital ability for us to ‘see’ where we are, they enable feedback and allow us to make adjustments to ourselves, teams and businesses. The right measures can even be inspiring and unifying.

However, picking the wrong measures or applying them without consideration can limit performance and promote behaviours you don’t want (or more commonly, didn’t expect).

This interactive session will give you a chance to look at measurements, their value and the risk they pose to motivation and collaboration – especially in modern, highly technical and creative teams.

- About Stephen
For over a decade, Stephen Morris has held senior leadership and consulting positions for cloud-computing providers and other companies with very high scale and complex IT. He was named “Most Influential Business Leader” in the 2016 UK Agile Awards, with one of his teams receiving “Most Improved Agile Team” the same year. Stephen now runs his own business, consulting, training and mentoring IT leaders that want to grow, build amazing teams and deliver better, more consistent results.

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