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Welcome to the Agile user group in Sydney.

If you're based in Sydney and have an active interest in applying agile practices and principles - either technical or business - then you have come to the right place.

We are well represented by individuals and large corporates, with members ranging from early interest to seasoned veterans.

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Helping teams understand the value of an inspect-and-adapt mindset

As a new Scrum Master or Coach joining a new organisation, sometimes we struggle to get sceptic teams members or teams new to Agile to fully embrace change in their ways of working and promote a shift in their mindset. In this week's meetup, you will be part of -- and learn how to run -- a fun activity designed to help teams (and leaders) to learn and experience key concepts from the Agile and Lean worlds. The activity is called "Paper Airplanes" and allows participants to understand and develop an inspect-and-adapt mindset, time-boxing and continuous improvement. Wagner Nunes is or guest facilitator this week. Wagner is an independent consultant currently working as Agile Delivery Coach at Commonwealth Bank. Wagner has extensive experience in Agile delivery, having worked at Qantas, Optus, Tabcorp and Transport NSW

Workshop idea probing and feedback for Agile Tour

Tank Stream Labs, Sydney Startup Hub

Come and join the community to probe and get feedback on your workshop idea for Agile Tour Sydney 2019 this November.

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YOW! Night - Jeff Patton - The Game has changed

UBS Auditorium

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