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• Waterfall passed away a few decade ago, whereas other software development methodologies fail at solving the fundamental problems so far. We're living in very interesting times. Software development industry grows fast right here, right now, and the foundation for a quantitative leap is building up.

Now it's absolutely clear that agile is turning into a mainstream methodology, and soon only a few extinct mammoths will do waterfall. But a question arises what will be the future of agile to match the pace/speed software industry is growing and changing.

With this meetup come and learn some of the new/latest things happening in the world agile !!


Agenda -

Session 1 - "Agile without Devops - Think again, the

Future is Devops."

How and Why DevOps The future of DevOps Trends in DevOps Challenges Current One and the Future Agile-DevOps Pryamid Nitty-gritty of DevOps

Ajay is Senior Director – Agile Transformation Coach at Xebia over 28+ years of extensive experience in Agile Scrum, project delivery, project / program management & quality processes. He has been involved in driving and implementing and transformations of organizations using Agile and Quality and Process Improvement initiatives.

Session 2 - "Design Driven Development"

Manik Chaudhary is Associate Director - R&D Utopia

Session 3 - "Agile Transformation in a Regulated Environment"

Is agile agile possible in regulated industry

What are the constraints and challenges

A case study

During her 17+ years of experience in GE Jessy has played diverse roles in championing software excellence in GE in large & distributed product development throughout the product development cycle from envisioning to design & implementation, delivery and customer feedback.