What we're about

The Vision:

Agile has been around 20 plus years at this point, so chances are we all are doing it to some degree within our organizations. As a community, our goal is to create a group where we all come together to talk about our problems around doing it well. The "anonymous" part of Agile Anonymous, is an intentional focus meaning it doesn’t matter what your title is or who your company is; we’re all in this together as people and a community.

The Agile Anonymous MeetUp is a community of dedicated and experienced Phoenix Area business and technical leaders who collaborate to learn and share knowledge about Agile; including DevOps, Lean, Design Thinking, and overall business agility.

Our vision is that Agile is a comprehensive blend of the right fit of concepts of Lean, Scrum, Kanban, Innovation Design Thinking, UX Design, XP, Scaling Frameworks (like SAFe, LeSS, DaD), Continuous Delivery or BizDevOps (DevOps, TestOps, SecOps) for your enterprise.

The Value:

We are committed to growing the local Agile community and sharing ideas, successes, and failures to share real-world experiences through practice to take back to your organization.

The Agile Anonymous MeetUp will expand your knowledge with practical information and workshops with a mix of business and technical focus.


The idea is that the community will self-organize and deliver value to each other over time.

· Seasoned Agilists · Next Gen Agilists · CIO’s & CTO’s faced with Agile Challenges

· Software Managers · Test Managers · DevOps Engineers

Each event will share a new, rich topic highlighting the hottest trends to be explored!


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