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We aim to promote the recent development within this area and organize meetups and invite the members to relevant events. We will also invite local and overseas speakers to do presentations for the community in different settings.

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TestExpo and Agile & DevOps Expo 2021: Adaptive Challenges

DevOps, Testing and Agile have shared environments that facilitate working together. Spurred by greater demand for excellence, these methods are more than simply adopting new tools and processes. They can work together, and the entire build process enables and supports the development and operations that move deliverables from development and production to meet users’ expectations.

The ever-evolving technology too is helping to meet the business challenges, as they become increasingly complex. To keep up, organisations must build and deploy innovative, timely solutions. Low Code, a new visual approach to software development has been making its mark in building and delivering software solutions at speed.

The expert practitioners and thought leaders over these two days will discuss the wider context and right level of abstraction of this new way of working and also help you to develop your business case and build the foundation towards getting significant return on investment.

This is a highly interactive online conference with sharing of practical experiences and knowledge-sharing presentations as well as extended panel sessions for sharing insights and industry trends with you putting your questions directly. There is an exhibition alongside featuring leading service providers, consultants and vendors from these three topic areas on Software Testing, Automation, Quality Assurance and various aspects of Agile and DevOps.


Through these days, we aim to include high quality technical/review presentations from thought leaders as well as case studies from practitioners and solution providers. Each day will have a joint session of Agile, DevOps and Testing and then two separate tracks – one on Testing and another on Agile & DevOps. We will also feature extended knowledge-sharing discussions in moderated panel sessions.

New Directions:

Experimentation & Innovation
Evolutionary Prototyping
Low Code / No Code
Visual Programming
Rapid Application Development
Agile and DevOps – moving with flow based awareness
Multi-User Development
Model-Driven Development
Cloud Adoption
Analytics and automation

DevOps and Continuous Integration Testing (CI)
Agile Software Testing
Leveraging AI into Testing
Barriers to adoption of Testing
Testers as Quality advocates
Cloud-Based Performance Testing
Implementing security
Enterprise Application Testing

Agile Software Testing
Success metrics of Agile
Agile Scrum and Agile XP
Agile frameworks provide guidance for efficient operational software
Adopt a “build-and-run” teams concept
Automation and SAFe

DevOps and Continuous Integration Testing (CI)
Automation for continuous deployment
The evolution of Kubernetes
DevOps as a tool for process change
DevFinOps; BusDevOps
Individuals and interactions over process and tools

Visit the event website to know more https://bit.ly/3cx5Bdi

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Making Sense of the DevOps Test Toolchain

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