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TechHub has become AgileHubNYC. Welcome to the next iteration of scaling agility in entrepreneurship, startups, and corporations. Agility can be the difference between accelerating and stagnating.

How agile are you, and how agile will you stay as you scale?

We are a global community for tech entrepreneurs and startup teams who want to remain agile as they scale. A nexus of entrepreneurs, startup teams, companies, and Business Agility Professionals.

We work with 750+ companies and over the last seven years have helped support thousands of tech companies from one-person idea-stage founders through to 50-100-person teams. Former TechHub members are bootstrapped startups through to those who are onto series B and C, and have been acquired by the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Oracle.

We run a rich equity free program of support and opportunities, and focus always on helping our community of members and encouraging them to support each other. Part of our program includes connections with investors for founders who are ready, building and scaling a tech business, hiring and retaining top talent, designing sales strategy, comms strategy, business strategy, incorporation and setting up a tech business; PR, Product, development, marketing or sales workshops etc.

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