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This meetup is a warmup event for Craft Conference ( Come and meet some of the speakers of the conference!

1. Rui Carvalho: Feedback Loops

Feedback loops are everywhere even if you don't pay attention.
Most people focus on processes whithout understanding the essence of the result or the importance of having it as fast as possible.
We'll talk about all kind of feedback loops we have in our work, why they matters and how to optimize them.

2. Peter Van de Voorde: The Social Developer

A social developer is somebody who invests in himself and the people around him. It's somebody who want to actively develop a better, more open and more social world. It's somebody who believes in true teams and not just groups of people.

Did you ever wonder what happened to the little child you once were? Where did the joy, the passion and the fury go? Did you every wonder why nothing ever seems to run right as soon as people need to start to work together in a group?

Peter will try to provide you with an answer to these questions. He will focus on how you can build a true team and how you can become a social developer, how you can inspire others and how you can become a true member of the teams that govern your life.

The Social Developer centers on people, teams and how to combine both into a creative, fun and efficient combination of excellence. What will you learn during this session?
- the difference between a group of people and a team and how to create a true team.
- how you can motivate people without giving them more money.
- how you can improve yourself one step at a time.
- a new way of solving people management problems.

This session is based on my own experience in both my professional and personal life and the following references:
- Drive by Daniel Pink
- To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink
- The Art of Nonconformity by Chris Guillebeau
- The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge
- Gamestorming by James Macanufo

3. Attila Nyeste, Bogdan Vulcan: Gamifying Release Planning

Managing concurrency is a problem in high growth tech startups. Projects start every week, as the company is working on multiple things at the same time trying to satisfy customers, evolve technology and explore new product ideas. The software development team is over-allocated and has no visibility past the next 2 weeks, Management fears everything is and will be late, and Sales lacks a mechanism for checking when and what to promise to potential customers. Things change continuously, and what seemed a project we’ve done 10 times before turns into a nightmare as we run out of time, affecting all other ulterior commitment.

A growing startup needs a tool to keep teams and managers looking at the same picture of allocation. Introducing The Planning Game ©. A simple, fun and visible way to manage allocation of multiple teams on multiple projects, which focuses on deliverables rather than estimations. A communication platform that helps building a sustainable delivery pipeline for software development projects, but that accounts for the change and unpredictability inherent to them.

We’ll be sharing the concept, our experience with it, and our lessons, in a presentation filled with real examples and funny stories.

Peaked your interest?! Join in!

The talks will start from 17:30. Pizza and drinks will be provided.