Luca Minudel presents - Project Management in the Age of Accelerated Change


Managing a digital product delivery the Agile way

An Agile introduction for traditional Project Managers

What is Agile and why is becoming increasingly popular? For what types of endeavours Agile is best suited? What additional tools does Agile add to a PM tool box?
How does a traditional project differ from an Agile digital product delivery? What is the role of the PM in an Agile delivery?
This session gives a short introduction of Agile for traditional Project Managers, and describes the structure, the steps and the activities of an Agile project from Inception to delivery.

About Luca:

Luca Minudel is a Lean-Agile Coach & Trainer with 16 years of experience in Lean/Agile and 20+ in professional software delivery.
He is passionate about agility, lean, complexity science, and co-creation.
He contributed to the adoption of lean and agile practices by Ferrari's F1 racing team. He delivered training, coaching, assessments and organisational transformations in top-tier organisations in Europe and the United States. He worked as Head of Agility in 4Finance, and as Lean/Agile Coach and Lean/Agile Practice Lead in HSBC. He is working as Agile Transformation Lead for 101Ways in LexisNexis.

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6:30pm - Pizza , networking
7:00 pm - Luca's talk - Managing a digital product delivery the Agile
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