Agile Mississauga April Meet Up

Agile Mississauga Meetup
Agile Mississauga Meetup
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Mississauga Living Arts Centre

4141 Living Arts Dr · Mississauga, ON

How to find us

CN Room (2nd Floor) Mississauga Living Arts Center. (Parking is available underground)

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Join the Agile Mississauga group on Wednesday, April 5th for:

• A Session by Shahin Sheidaei, "Effective yet Effortless Coaching"

• A Session by Steven Taillieu, "Why You Don't Want to Work at a Bank"

(But Why I Choose to Anyway...)

5:30pm Check-in opens. 6:00pm Event starts.

About Session 1: Effective yet Effortless Coaching

What is coaching about?

How can coaching help me in my professional life?

How effortlessly can I learn coaching skills?

How can I get more effective at coaching?

How can coaching help my leadership style?

Are those questions familiar to you? If so, please join me for the “Effective Yet Effortless Coaching” session. In this session, I will show you how effortlessly you can start to coach a person, and how by practicing simple techniques you can become a more effective coach.

Great Leadership entails many skill sets, one of them coaching. One cannot become a great leader without having coaching skills in his/her toolkit.

In this session, you will learn a simple yet effective coaching model which you can integrate with your leadership style. You’ll get introduced to a coaching style that you can easily learn, inherit, make it your own and build upon that. A style that you can utilize it for short elevator ride conversations to hours long sessions.

About the speaker:

Shahin Sheidaei is an Agile Coach, Change Therapist, Professional Disruptor, Thought Leader & a Developer by heart. He enjoys dealing with fresh challenges, learning new techniques, applying them to real problems, observing the outcomes and improving upon them through a positive feedback loop. Shahin questions everything and helps everyone. He can lead a group of people from the back of the room. He can apply and adapt his talent for the need of the team and/or the individual.

Shahin has influenced, coached, mentored and guided teams, individuals, leaders and managers to achieve their utmost potentials. He helped them to discover new ways of performing, thinking, collaborating and leading. He can also be trusted with his immense knowledge in the Agile and Lean domain, from subtle changes to very complicated organizational transformation.

To learn more about Shahin, visit his

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him with any inquiries you might have.

About Session 2: "Why You Don't Want to Work at a Bank" (But Why I Choose to Anyway...)

Banks are notorious slow adopters of technology, yet they employ extremely high numbers of talented Engineers and IT Professionals. With all this talent, why is it they are so far behind their disruptors?

This talk will look into the reasons for their modest pace, why working life can be frustrating for these professionals, and ways to solution and deal with common issues. It concludes with a look into the advantages of working in financial technology, and what benefits can be gained from working within Canada's big banks.

About the speaker:

Steven Taillieu is a Software Engineer from Toronto Ontario with broad experience in financial technology. He has held numerous positions from iOS Developer to Scrum Master to Development Manager across three of Canada's five biggest banks. Currently he helps lead CIBC Live Labs, the digital innovation arm of CIBC.

Before entering the FinTech sector, Steven managed his own small development shop in London Ontario while he attended the University of Western Ontario; completing a degree in Medical Science, and another in Software Engineering. His previous work focused on the health care sector, and included an Android app for the State of Michigan, aimed to help personal health initiatives there.

Steven is also a trained Sommelier and enjoys food and drink in his spare time, as well as investing in personal development, and travel.