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Edward Scotcher & Sami Honkonen

Hosted by Agile Practitioners

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80 Strand · London

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We will now have two speakers in this event, please see the details below.

Sami Honkonen: Evolution from 3 Scrum teams to a large, single team Kanban system

This talk is a study of a case in which three Scrum teams converged into a single large team Kanban system design. Working in separate teams resulted in issues with responsibility, hand-overs, resource utilization and a culture of blaming others. In a large, highly self-organized team the members could share responsibility for the whole, work on the right things and focus on flow. This talk concretely demonstrates the Kanban system, its design principles and its evolution. Participants can expect to learn from a successful, but unorthodox real-life story, to possibly question their assumptions on optimal team sizes and to find new ideas to try out the next day at work.

Edward Scotcher: Are we failing our customers or are we failing ourselves?

In this talk about Product Leadership in Lean and Agile environments, Ed talks about how it's enthused and motivated individuals and teams that make great products and how assumptions, processes and 'feature greed' can kill the creativity and emotional buy in needed to deliver the next big thing. Using real-life examples of how he has seen teams struggle to deliver against un-realistic expectations, he will ask "who is it that is failing – and what can we do about it?", giving some ideas, suggestions, tips & tricks along the way that can help us all deliver 'better'.

Edward Scotcher, Director at Agility in Mind (, is an experienced Agile Project Manager, Trainer and Coach. He's an unapologetic practitioner who enjoys using using lean and agile principles to develop better people, teams and products.