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Are you interested in reading books by upcoming new writers? Agile Readers is for you! We are the sister group to Agile Writers (where we help writers create a first draft in 6 months). You will get to read first- and second-draft novels before they hit the market and give valuable feedback to the authors.

And we're open to reading books by other third parties as well.

And when we're not reading first- and second-draft novels, we'll be reading great popular works as well.

So if you like to read, and give critique of new works, come join Agile Readers Book Club!

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D.M. Soleil's "Cruel Goddess"

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Hello Agile Readers! One of our own, Danielle, has completed her first novel and she would love your humble opinions on Cruel Goddess. Below is some information on her book. If you're interested in participating, please reply and let me know. I have hard copy books available for $5 and you may pick one up by stopping by during one of our regular Thursday night meetings at the location below. Or, if you prefer, I can provide you with a PDF at no cost to you. The $5 requested will be used to reimburse the author for her printing costs. Save the date: Thursday, March 21, 2019, 7pm to 9pm. (This will take the place of our regular weekly critique meeting.) Location Publix Community Room (2nd floor cafe) at John Rolfe Parkway and Ridgefield Parkway Physical address: 2250 John Rolfe Parkway, Henrico, VA Dessert with sparkling cider will be provided. Feel free to purchase a beverage in Publix prior to the meeting. (They have a Starbuck's in the store that closes at 7pm, so be sure to give yourself time.) "Cruel Goddess" Kidnapped from her village and doomed for a tortured life as a pleasure slave in the Northern Kingdom’s war camps, Agatha is rescued by a mysterious band of women: The Priestesses of The Goddess. Determined to never be bound in chains again and have full control of her destiny, Agatha joins these warrior women beyond The Borderlands and in doing so, finds strength and magick beyond her wildest dreams. But security has its price and in the midst of war she finds herself on a dangerous assignment in the most treacherous of places….King Tormod’s Royal Court. The last thing she needs getting in her way are two headstrong men. One as hot-tempered as a summer storm with topaz eyes that scorch her soul. The other as reserved and cool as a frozen lake with silver eyes so cold they burn. Both desiring to make her theirs and awaken a passion within her she never knew existed. But how can she choose between them? What secrets lie in a castle’s walls? Can there ever be peace between the Northern and Southern Kingdoms? Can Agatha find the source of darkness permeating the castle? In an old world filled with magick and divinity, blood and bones, love and utter despair, you must ask yourself how much you’re willing to risk. Everything or Nothing? About the Author D.M. Soleil is a New England native and a travel enthusiast. She graduated from Smith College with a degree in Anthropology and happens to have a healthy obsession with Korean Dramas and furry pets (not necessarily together), a dislike of long layovers, and a propensity to drink only ice coffee, preferably infused with chocolate. The Cruel Goddess is her first novel. She currently lives in Connecticut with her Netflix account.

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Ken Hubona's "The Brewing of Justice"

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