The HiPPO ate my Scrum Guide!

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We can no longer simply apply the Agile of 15 years ago to the problems of today. Scrum, or any other framework we utilise, is useless in isolation. We know more now and it's lazy to not to put those learnings and tools to use.

Along my journey, I've encountered several common failure patterns that a Scrum Guide or Certification can't address. This is some of what I've learned through the failure of trying naively to do so.

This will be an exploration of those failures and what I used to (occasionally successfully) address them; largely based on storytelling, and accompanied by terrible illustrations and bad jokes.


Tony is an Agile coach working with Nomad8 who uses his background in development to bridge the gap between IT and the rest of the business. He’s a coach and facilitator who’s not afraid to address dysfunction, but always brings positivity and a sense of fun to his work. He is a terrible ukulele player.