Autumn Equinox Fire Ritual

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For millennia, ancient peoples across the planet have celebrated the Solstice & Equinox, as evident in thousands of ancient sites, myths and texts - including the Egyptians, Jesus, Dionysus, Hun Hunahpu, or Quetzalcoatl.

The Autumn Equinox marks the end of summer and beginning of winter. As the Earth rotates this day, the center of the sun crosses directly through the Equator. It is witnessed as a cycle of nature. When we connect with the cycles of nature, we reconnect to our own cycles of life. This is a time of turning inward.

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Autumn is a time for harvesting and for turning inward. We come together to harvest all we have experienced over the last year, the last revolution around the sun. We come together to witness the balance between Light & Darkness, Motion & Dormancy, Heat & Cold.

Honor & Empower our MIND, Our BREATH and our BEING.
Access your highest potential. Amplify & transmit frequency.

I will provide all materials to write what we wish to RELEASE and what we wish to MANIFEST. Set Intentions of Transformation and release your deepest desires to Agni and Akasha.

Fruits, flowers, herbs, spices or crystals are welcome to be placed in reverence or as an offering.

This ceremony is open to all people, regardless of gender, creed, religion or belief system. We spend time in homage to our own true nature and our connection to Mother Earth. We witness, we give thanks, we honor the Elements. The chants being sung are a symbolic representation of each of our own beliefs, as we elevate THAT energy, whatever THAT may be.

I have chairs and cushions, but I invite you to bring a small blanket to ensure your comfort.

TIME: The Fire will be lit PRECISELY at SUNSET of 6:27 pm AZ
COST: Love Donation

Please only RSVP as 'GOING' if you intend to be present.
This allows the proper space to be available to all who would like to join.

Please don't hesitate to reach me at [masked] with any questions. Hari Om!

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