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In the era of echo chambers, houses divided, and news as a menu of what to believe, we have forgotten how to converse with people that hold different views than our own. Instead, we see people retreating to their ideological safe spaces. We all can catch ourselves doing it from time to time.

While the internet is great for rapidly spreading information, I think what we need in 2018 is to grab a drink or a bite with someone from a different background or with a different perspective from time to time to remind ourselves that we're all just people doing the best with what we've got.

I have no idea if this group will take off. No clue at all. People are very busy, and their time is a precious resource, already filled by other important parts of their lives. But I'm hoping that some of us can find a way to do this, and that we'd all improve each other's lives for the effort.

Thanks for reading, and considering coming out.

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