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HQ in Stone and Chalk Melbourne and Hosted by SproutX. This is the heart of Australia's Agtech ecosystem, in Melbourne. An agricultural technology accelerator and co-working space that serves as a platform of innovation for some of the best farmers in the world. We're forming a community that's passionate about the future of food and fibre production all the while empowering our talent to gain traction. Let's ignite our competitive advantages!

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Raising Capital through Crowdfunding. Q&A w/ CEO, Pozible & Birchal

Stone and Chalk Melbourne

Crowdfunding (CF) is a vehicle for young companies to raise funds and attract first wave customers in the crucial early days of bootstrapping a brand launch. Startups may offer merchandise "rewards" or equity in exchange for pledges from the public. The design and marketing of a startups campaign can make or break its success at raising capital. CEO, Alan Crabbe of Pozible and Birchal Equity Crowdfunding will lead us through a case study of food, beverage and agtech campaigns. Dissecting what went right, and perhaps more importantly how it can go wrong.. Originally from N Ireland, Alan introduced Crowdfunding to Australia and the Asia pacific. Pozible is now a market leader in this space with over 15,000 products and projects launched via the site, collectively raising over $63mil (AUD). In recent times it has seen a rise in consumer food and ag companies using the site to launch their brand, with SproutX' own Provenir achieving $68K in pre-sales of their high welfare beef in just 30 days. In 2017, Alan launched a sister platform called Birchal - a licensed equity crowdfunding allowing startups to auction direct equity in their business to public supporters, rather then pursue the lengthy courtship of raising venture capital. Together, both platforms have raised over $85M for startups and projects in Australia. Make sure you don't miss this masterclass in crowdfunding design for food and ag startups! This event is brought to you by SproutX, Pozible & Birchall Equity Crowdfunding

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