What we're about

We are men and women interested in improving and maintaining our health and well-being and our financial position. Having achieved these improvements, we then strive to assist others to make those same improvements for themselves.

The vehicle we use to improve our health, well-being and financial position is a successful and fast-growing, international program in the personal development and leadership field. With the passage of time we will endeavour to give the program a unique Australian flavour.

Our introductory Meetups provide new members with an introduction to the philosophy of Ahandup opportunity. Other Meetups train members to develop their skills and to share the opportunity with others and to share their enhanced well-being and financial position with the less fortunate through the wider community.

Attendance at Meetups is open only to members and their guests. Details of dates, times and locations are available to members.

We extend the following invitation to people in all walks of life:

Join us in this and we will show you how it works.

We'll hold your hand and work with you,

and if you want it badly enough,

together, we can change the shape of your whole life!

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