A Course in Miracles: With Louise Stone


Thank you for your interest in A Course in Miracles.

We will meet for an hour each week.

If you wish to purchase a book, be sure to get one that has the text, workbook for students and manual for teachers all in one volume. The books published by The Foundation for Inner Peace have the paragraphs and sentences numbered, which is a nice feature in class. You can get the book at all of the usual booksellers (Joseph Beth, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Half Price Books). You can also come without a book until you feel you want to purchase one. You do not need to know anything about the Course to join, and you may drop in and out as you wish.

I do recommend, however, that all of you do the Lessons in the Workbook for Students (no more than one per day). It is where the real transformation occurs; the class is helpful to put everything in context, to share your experiences, to help with interpreting the text (which can be incredibly dense and complex). There is no fee, but a love offering will be appreciated (you choose the amount you wish to contribute). If you know someone who wants to come, please invite anyone at any point in our studies. You do not have to begin at the beginning. If you know someone who should have received this message and didn't, it is possible that I did not read the e-mail address correctly.


Is there a part of you that knows this life isn't the total truth of who you are?

Have you found yourself wondering what else you might learn that would help you understand life's purpose?

Are you sometimes unsure of what to pray for??

Join us for weekely study groups which follow A Course in Miracles published in the 1970's and studied by hundreds of thousands around the world as a guide to peace & joy.

The "Course" is an experimental method of turning our fears, stress, pain and worry over to the Holy Spirit to transform into peaceful solutions. It helps get the drama out of our lives.

Classes are on going and you may join in at any point. Each class lasts an hour. There is no fee, but love offerings are appreciated! Currently classes are being held on Mondays at 11:30am and 5:30pm~

I look forward to seeing you and sharing this amazing journey with you.

Love and light,

Louise Stone

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