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Hello my name is Jeanette, and I’m here on the hunt for my peace tribe. My Soul Sister Nicole and I will be hosting a monthly meetup at my home in South Attleboro. This will be a small group of like minded souls who want to deepen their understanding of Veganism and Spirituality. We welcome those who are not fully Vegan but looking to make that next step. We also welcome those who are Vegan but may not have dived into the spiritual realm. Spiritualism and Veganism are one in the same thing.
This is something we will all learn together as the oneness ignites!

We will all be reading the book “The World Peace Diet” By Dr. Will Tuttle.
Dr. Tuttle is a genius and a profound writer who truly digests this World in such a beautiful way.
“Aware that we are living in critical times, many of us feel called to contribute solutions to the problems that beset us. Because of this, when writing The World Peace Diet, I imagined a growing number of us making an effort to explore and share the most essential solution that is usually hidden from thought and discourse. This solution lies in understanding the connections that link our cultures routine abuse of animals for food and other products with the intractable problems of environmental destruction, World hunger, war, disease, and social injustice, as well as animal agriculture’s unrecognized harm to the inner landscape of our consciousness.“- Dr. Will Tuttle

We will all read a couple chapters a month and discuss what we learned over that time. We will then take what we learned and implement those ideas into our everyday lives. Our mission is to connect with our higher self, and find that love and peace within that way we can be our best when we speak this truth with others and truly plant those seeds of love. Becoming True peace warriors! Being on the spiritual path helps to keep us present and peaceful. The true meaning of Veganism is compassion for all beings, not just animals and the planet but the humans whom we coexist with. It can be incredibly difficult talking with people who have no regard for this planet or the other beings whom live here. I’ve had to fight with this myself. But through my own spiritual practice I’ve learned to stay present and Aware of how I speak with others, and I am now able to spread those seeds of love without any judgement. Like them I lived a similar life, I used to drink, eat meat, etc.. I Know that I have no right to judge anyone for the way they live their life. The reality is, if we attack and treat others with disrespect because we don’t like the way they are living their lives then we are only doing a disservice to the animals and the planet. But people that see happy people who love themselves, they often wonder why and how they can be like that too!!
I know that I have a soul mission to help bring about change and I’m looking for others like myself! So if you feel you’ve been called to make a peaceful change in this world, then please join my tribe!

Each month we will start our evening with a Mindful Meditation by the lovely Nicole. This will help us become more present and in a space of peace and love. Our first meetup we will all introduce ourselves and get to know one an other. I would also love to do a vegan potluck if others would like that. We will talk about the book and share what we learned, gather ideas on how to spread peace in our everyday lives with others. Some evening we may do some crafts, I have many ideas for this. I welcome any ideas anyone has. I want everyone to feel at home in my home and be completely comfortable. This will be a safe space to share anything. I believe sharing is healing. There will be some house rules, no gossip or any negativity so please leave any baggage at the door. I will Sage my home before every meetup so that it’s Fully ready for healing.

We will all need to acquire the book or you can purchase on Audible or kindle. If anyone does not have Amazon prime, let me know and I can order through my account!
The book cost is $22.00. - prime users
For kindle users this book is $9.99
$20 for audio cd
Audible is confusing so let me know if you’ll be going this route if you’ve never used it before.

Thank you so much for reading this full description. I look forward to meeting my Ahimsa Peace Tribe! If you have any questions please send me a private message! Love, peace and light. ❤️☮️💡
Jeanette and Nicole

***Ahimsa is one of the cardinal virtues and an important tenet of Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Ahimsa is a multidimensional concept, inspired by the premise that all living beings have the spark of the divine spiritual energy; therefore, to hurt another being is to hurt oneself.***

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