• 3D Printing - First Step towards IoT Product Development

    1. What is 3D printing? 2. File Formats and supporting softwares 3. What is Rapid Prototyping? 4. LN’s approach towards product development - demo of some products 5. Live Workshop on 3D printing from file to product design

  • IoT - Basics to a Usable Product Development

    Let's Nurture

    1. Impact of IoT in human Life and Industrial revolution 2. Expert Talk on use-cases of IoT in industry 3. Snacks and Networking 3. Getting started with the first IOT Prototype (materials would be supplied by us) 4. Conversation and collaboration (Community Building Activity) 5. Q&A

  • Alexa Skills Workshop

    Let's Nurture

    1. Registration formalities 2. Industries supporting Alexa 3. Alexa VS Google Home. Which one is better and why? 4. Trending Alexa skills 5. Playing around with Alexa 6. Developer workshop (followed by FAQs) 7. Wrap up session

  • IoT World in Android Universe

    Let's Nurture

    1. IoT Basics 2. IoT Product Vision 3. IoT Android SDK 4. Development Workshop

  • IoT and Blockchain Think Tank

    Let's Nurture

    This event would be an idea hackathon where solutions related to IoT and Blockchain will be discussed, proposed and showcased to attendees to get an idea of how it can be implemented. Agenda for the meetup: 9:30 - Registration @ Let's Nurture 10:00 am - Introduction 10:30 am - What is IoT and BlockChain ? Basics ! 11:00 am - Ideas to reality - 2 use-cases of IoT (Industry Specific) 11:30 am - Use case of IoT+ BlockChain 12:00 am - Wrap up and Next meetup discussion

  • Carrom is here. Socio Carrom Championship !!

    Decathlon Applewoods

    Hello, Bugles, Whistles and Cheers, we Socio Games are here once again with "Socio Carrom Championship"for Corporates. Yes you heard it right CARROM !!! Check photos section for more details in flyer !!! With this championship we are launching a concept of Corporate Teams as well as Individual entries. As a corporate you can register a team of 5 players out of which any 3 players can play singles and any 4 can play doubles. We understand that there would be a one or more players playing singles as well as doubles. This needs to be mentioned while sending your entries. To add more excitement and fun, we have come up with an idea of "POINTS SYSTEM", where in the winners will get 100 points, runners up will get 75 points and third position (depends on the game) 50 points. At the end of the year, we will evaluate their total points to decide upon the award for MOST SPORTY CORPORATE - WINNERS & RUNNERS UP. We hope to receive extraordinary support from you all as always ! Get more info about all games on our sports promotional blog : http://sportspromo.blogspot.in (http://sportspromo.blogspot.in/) Join us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1686499311377916/?ref=br_rs Register ASAP with names and their categories ! Regards, Socio Games[masked]

  • NGNIX vs Apache vs Node

    Needs a location

    Let us meet , learn, share and discuss on NGNIX Server , Apache and Node. Let us keep this really interactive session.

  • Socio Corporate Cricket League

    Needs a location

    We are thrilled to announce that preparations have begun for the most awaited event in Corporate Sports - Socio Cricket League !! If you have played with us before, you know that our events have always respected our values : Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Fun. This season as well, we are still committed to our values while bringing a competitive edge and justifying one liner "We play, meet and engage !!!" For registrations and any queries, kindly contact [masked] or drop an email on [masked]

  • Connect the dots !!!

    Needs a location

    NEW-FRESH-INNOVATIVE ! Brilliant opportunity for all presenters to show their innovation. Bring your business ideas, design, prototypes and much more. It doesn't have to be IT- it can be a simple bakery den, dress design studio, architecture design, automotive concept, software concept, solar concept, etc. Present yourself, your idea and make it big. You would get your target audience in form of clients or investors. Sounds like an opportunity. Bring it on. Talk with us on for Presentation Spot Booking: [masked] Connect the dots !!!

  • Efficient Approach to Learn and User Webservices

    Needs a location

    Innovative and Engaging way of learning/using web services. Demo and practical of webservices in PHP, .NET and Java. Note: We are charging Rs 50 for food and beverages.