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Amazing, diverse, talented and caring members. We're in IT, AI, ML, DL, data science, data ethics, bi analytics, social innovation, management, politics, law, health and we care. We're students, professionnals, researchers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, innovators and we care. We care about giving back. We care about the social impact of AI and how it can contribute to our community.

Joignez-vous à nous les 25&26/01/2018 http://www.iaenmissionsociale.com

AIonaSocialMission is the first major conference on social impact of AI in Montreal. Start ups and NPOs will inspire us and explain how they use artificial intelligence for their social mission.
Inspired by their social mission pitches and the brilliant and passionate keynote speakers and panelists, we’ll look into how our society can support non-profit initiatives and businesses with a strong social mission.
Non-Profits, AI, data and social scientists, ethicists and jurists, funding and policy experts come together in small multidisciplinary groups. We’ll dream up our ideal AI implementation and take a close look at the tools needed to make it a reality.
Achieving a fair and sustainable implementation of AI is possible and this event is meant to allow our voices to come together and make it happen.
For more info. To set the date. To reserve your tickets. www.iaenmissionsociale.com (http://www.iaenmissionsociale.com/)

We're starting with a 2 days event but more to come! Definitely casual Meet ups after the end of January to allow this fascinating conversation to go on and collborations to continue to build.

This event has allowed to join forces with many amazing collaborators in our beloved Montreal. And I have a feeling, the next one will be even more mind blowing.

On commence avec un événement de 2 jours mais il y a aura d'autres rencontres après la conférence de janvier, c'est promis! Cet événement a permis à plusieurs collaborations de devenir possibles.

IA en Mission Sociale n'est qu'un début.

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