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Project AI Network is a global backend infrastructure that transforms millions of open-source projects into live services (a.k.a. Open Resource), developed by Common Computer Inc.

Through this novel infrastructure, microservices developed by individual developers can be instantly integrated into the network of computers.

We propose "Open Resource" as the next evolutionary milestone of Stallman's initial Open Source initiative. Open Resource starts by decoupling the role of developers from the role of resource providers. Developers should be able to upload their programs on the open network freely, and resource providers should only be concerned with operating the program and sharing the revenue to both sides in return, even to open-source developers. By decoupling these two responsibilities, liability and cost of resource management will no longer belong to developers.

The AI Network blockchain will serve as a bridge between the program and the resource, offering a stable utility and also monetizing open-source solutions. In addition, Ainize® is a serverless cloud platform, which supports the project AI Network as a “launchpad”. Ainize is not merely designed for blockchianers, but for whom interested in open source and microservices.

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To further understand our vision and service, please refer to the following sites.

• AI Network : http://www.ainetwork.ai
• Ainize® : http://www.ainize.ai (http://www.ainize.ai/)

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OpenResource Experience SF 2020

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