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Akasha Sound Temple invites you to take a unique journey to Inner Serenity.
Come and relax your Body and Mind, bathe yourself in the immersive cosmic sounds and vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls, gongs, sansula, rainstick, drums, chimes and mantras. Join this incredible 90 minutes of deep relaxation.

Sound relaxation is a powerful tool that supports developing inner harmony, boosts productivity and creativity in daily life. In case of physical, mental or psychological issues, sound relaxation can also help alleviate the pain and reduce the level of stress, worries or anxiety caused by a frantic world.

Sound Journey:
Just breathe deeply, lay down on yoga mat, make yourself comfortable and follow the Sound. Let your worries go, release tensions and let your Heart and Mind go to the place full of surprise, joy, love, dream and internal peace. Go deep within and meet your inner self.
In the beginning we meditate and tune to our hearts and intentions, manifesting desired events to happen. Also you can ask a question to your Sub-Conciseness.
This is Yoga of Sound Nada Yoga.

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Singing Bowls Therapy uses the energy of musical sound waves applied directly to the body to produce physiological and psychological effects. Sound therapy research has shown that different sound pulses stimulate different brainwave centers. Further, nerve bundles in our spine transmit vibrational sensory data to our brain stem and limbic system (emotional processing center). The vibrational signature of the Himalayan Bowls activates the relaxation response, naturally supporting disease fighting immune cells while reducing the stress response. Less mental and emotional stress in the body reduces pain, too. When placed on or near the body, the sound vibrations are transmitted directly into muscles, blood, organs, tissues, and cellular memory. Thus, the body’s natural healing potential is optimized through sound vibration.

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