Akashic Records Level 2 healing day


Akashic Records Level Two is for students who had taken Level One. You will be able to read, upgrade and do clearing others consciousness. Clear karma of your family, DNA and ancient ancestors and prepare a golden Lighted path for the future generations of your genome.

You can use this spiritual modality to access others Akashic Records, an honor to have this gift of healing modality. You can also choose to use this for your personal spiritual growth in your ascension process.

There are a lot of students who take this path but few wants to master their soul's journeys. In this system of clearing, purification and healing you will find clarity in your purpose. Serve all sentient beings with compassion, humility and kindness for the evolution of our human DNA. You will receive activations, attunements and empowerments from the Masters of Light. To be a scribe and rewrite the sacred records of humanity that are not serving our highest good.

You are are going to receive these gifts of knowledge, wisdom and mastery of your soul's blueprint. Purification, contemplation and evolution of "me to we" consciousness which is the unified fields. It is a big part of studying the collective Akashic Records.

Prepare yourself for your quantum leap and know that you are always protected, guided and loved by the Ascended Masters, angels and Archangels and our spiritual guides in this spiritual healing path.


This teaching is on donation basis and pls bring food and your journal.