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3/17+18: Akashic Practitioner Certification Wkend >Basics & Beyond (LA/Burbank)
Are you ready to access your own Akashic Records for Soul-level guidance &/or add this empowering and compassionate spiritual evolution tool to your healing or coaching practice! In the Akashic Practitioner Certification Training (Beginning Level) you'll kearn to work effectively in your own Records and also do Akashic Readings for others (including non-humans!) using Linda Howe's Pathway Prayer Process as your personal Akashic access tool -- in only two days! Join Certified Akashic Records Advanced Teacher BARBARA SCHIFFMAN to evolve and enhance your personal growth and spiritual evolution in 2018! === This Akashic Practitioner Beginning Level training will also prepare and qualify you to attend, if you wish, the Akashic Practitioner ADVANCED Certification training (April 28-29 in Burbank) -- you'll learn and practice advanced concepts and Akashic processes for working with Linda Howe's powerful Energy Healing (i.e. issue diagnosis), Past Life Healing and Ancestral Clearing tools. NOTE: All registrations taken BY PHONE - Credit card # (or check-by-mail) is required to guarantee your space. Please review Registration Policies below ** Space is limited to 12 students -- CALL BARBARA NOW to reserve yours @ 818-415-3479! ==== Next Akashic Practitioner Certification Training - Beginning Level - in Burbank CA When: Saturday + Sunday - March 17-18, 2018 This weekend covers Linda Howe's Akashic Practitioner Certification curriculum (Beginning Level) and includes certification as an Akashic Practitioner via Linda Howe's Center for Akashic Studies upon completion. Hours: 10am-7:00pm each day Arrive between 9:30-9:45am - there will be a 60-90 minute lunch break each day. ======= Location: Barbara Schiffman's home - Burbank CA 91506 Address provided upon registration Easy access, free parking, close to restaurants, minutes from 134 and 5 Freeways, near Burbank Airport plus local hotels/motels for fly-ins (call for flight/hotel suggestions). ~~~~~~ TO REGISTER: Training & Certification FEE: ** $325 + Required Reading Book purchase ++ All registrations must be made and confirmed in advance by phone. TO REGISTER call Barbara - 818-415-3479 - please phone between 10am-6pm weekdays to complete your registration. Leave your name/# if you get her voicemail - thanks! FYI -- A "yes RSVP" here at AkashicLA Meetup indicates your INTEREST in attending but it is NOT a completed registration and does NOT guarantee your space -- registration and payment info are required by phone to hold space. Credit cards, cash or checks are accepted for advance payment -- please review registration policy: ** REGISTRATION POLICIES: All registrations and payments are non-cancellable and non-refundable -- but payments may be transferred to Barbara's next Beginning Practitioner Certification weekend or to private training sessions (which do not provide a practitioner certification) CALL Barbara with questions & to register: 818-415-3479. ++++++ What people say about Akashic Records trainings & readings: *** "Every time I attend one of Barbara's classes, as a new student or alumni, I receive more and more soul healing. Thank you, Barbara ,for teaching such a wonderful, empowering, and inspiring workshop." - Thom H *** "Went to Barbara's class on Akashic Records last weekend and it was amazing. She is an excellent teacher, very thorough and knowledgeable. I learned a great deal. Her home is also inviting and warm. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to stretch and grow their spirituality." - Linda G *** "Thank you, Barbara, for your Akashic Reading for me. It has been resonating with me for the last week and a half and has been beneficial in shifting some perspectives for me, both creatively as a writer and personally as a teacher and human. I am so grateful for the re-opening of some fascinating doors of imagination, information, and inspiration!" - Pamela S ~~~ ++REQUIRED READING for Practitioner Training> Beginning Level: Linda Howe's "How to Read the Akashic Records" (available on Amazon ( -- The print or kindle edition ( is required for all students (not audio CD set) -- it will be most useful after the weekend as a reference guide for the basic processes. -- Students need to purchase a copy and read as much as possible before the training weekend. ~~~ RE: PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION ~ CAS Akashic Practitioner Certification can only be awarded to attendees of trainings by CAS Certified Teachers. All students who complete the Practitioner training weekend receive Certification as Akashic Practitioners via Linda Howe's Center for Akashic Studies. This is provided via Barbara Schiffman, an authorized CAS Advanced Certified Teacher who has been personally trained and mentored since 2009 by Linda Howe to effectively guide others in working with the Pathway Prayer Process. ~~~ THIS PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION TRAINING COVERS: In only one weekend, you'll learn Akashic Records basics and gain depth via personal practice with Linda Howe's Pathway Prayer Process -- a reliable and consistent method for easily, quickly and safely accessing the Records for yourself &/or others (including "non-humans" like animals, crystals, plants, buildings and more...). Exploring the Records through multiple facets deepens and strengthens your relationship with your own Soul-level Akashic Records. You'll also explore the differences and similarities between accessing the Akashic Records and receiving guidance via your "intuition" (i.e. meditation, chakras, spirit guides, angels, etc.) You'll also develop confidence in reading the Records with other students in class. This is especially helpful if you plan to add this process to your healing our counseling practice, or do readings for friends and family after completing this training. These tools are designed to provide Soul-level guidance and thus initiate release of stuck energy at the emotional and spiritual level through non-invasive energy-shifts . This is not "hands-on healing" (like Reiki, etc) and is not oriented toward "healing or curing" physical ailments. But accessing the environment of the Akashic Records naturally creates positive vibrational energy shifts regardless of how much or what "information" is received. It's like getting a "chiropractic alignment with your own Soul"! Akashic Records processes and techniques are especially useful for energy or alternative healers, hypnotherapists, coaches and spiritual or psychological counselors to use with clients as well as for themselves. NOTE: Akashic work does not replace medical treatments or advice related to issues which impact the physical body. Releasing stuck energy at the emotional &/or spiritual level often has positive influence on such issues, however, and usually helps medical or alternative treatments work better and faster than previously experienced. === More Info: QUESTIONS? Call Barbara at 818-415-3479 ~~~

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Does your life feel like one chapter in the Book of your Soul? Would you like to learn more about living your current life from your Soul's perspective?

If so, you're not alone! More people than ever before are being "called" to consciously evolve and express their Souls in this lifetime. Many are also being led to work directly with the Akashic Records for personal and collective evolution.

As a life-long Soul Seeker and Certified Akashic Records Advanced Teacher, I'm always delighted to meet people who are already aware of the Akashic Records and want to learn more about our individual and collective Soul-journey.

What are the Akashic Records?

They're the dimension of consciousness -- unseen but energetically felt, like dreams and memories -- where each Soul's Journey through all lifetimes is continually being vibrationally recorded. Carl Jung thought of the Records as humanity's "collective consciousness." Edgar Cayce said he channeled the past life, health and spiritual readings he gave (from 1910-1945) from this Soul-level energy-archive.

Our group offers resources for learning how to read the Akashic Records through Linda Howe's Pathway Prayer Process(c). (Note: Akashic Practitioner Certification and Advanced trainings, plus other Akashic workshops, are taught by group organizer Barbara Schiffman.)

We will also provide suggestions and referrals to other useful resources, teleclasses and books for all levels of Soul Seekers. We are especially inspired by the teachings of experts and authors like Linda Howe, Ervin Laszlo, Dr. Amit Goswami, Robert Chaney, Edgar Cayce, Ainslie MacLeod, Dan Millman, Deb Schnitta, Michael Newton and others.

This group is for people who:

> are new to the Akashic Records and curious about them as well as how they can "consciously channel" the Records for healing, insight, creativity and personal evolution

> are already working with the Records but seek new perspectives and deeper connections with their own Souls

> believe (or at least sense) that we live multiple lifetimes and are open to gaining insights on current life issues which may be influenced by past-life experiences

are seeking training and experience in reading the Records for themselves &/or others.

NOTE: There are multiple ways to tune into the Records -- inc. hypnosis, meditation, and shamanic or ceremonial rituals -- which are right for different people. According to Linda Howe and also Barbara Schiffman, we are each called to methods that are on our particular Soul's wavelength and none is "better" than another...

This group may not be right for people who:

> are highly "religious" (although working with the Akashic Records -- called The Book of Life in many religions -- is compatible with most religious beliefs)

> are more interested in getting guidance from externalized spirit guides, angels, channeled entities or ascended masters than from their own Souls. Our focus is in learning to access the wisdom of our own Souls rather than external guides who often work with multiple individuals. (There are many other Meetups devoted to working with angels and spirit guides...)

are seeking a "quick fix" for relationships, finances or other challenging life issues and may be better served by psychic or intuitive readers or perhaps licensed psychologists or therapists...

If your Soul is calling you to work with the Akashic Records, join us in this Soul Support Community as we evolve individually and collectively for the highest good of all...

With Love & Light,

Barbara Schiffman, ARCT, C.Ht.

Center for Akashic Studies Certified Teacher

& Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner

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