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The 'Akashic Records' Gathering of Kindred Spirits in Asheville

Thirsting for Wisdom?

We invite you to join us for a cup of "sage" tea as we dialogue with and receive the depth and breadth of the masterful guidance of the Akashic Realm.

Interfacing with these Masters and Teachers opens new doors of Light for all ready and willing to experience their own Divine Truth in a new, quantum field.

There one knows Oneself.

Participants are welcome to bring personal or universal questions. We wish, through the responses received, to add to the Community of Consciousness all around us and to provide useful and beneficial insights from the Akashic wisdom-realm.

Welcome to those who:

- Desire an expanded view and perspective
- Want to experience this 4th Dimensional realm and beyond
- Interested in 2012 and beyond, spiritual principles and tools, the ascension, and more

What to expect:

- Meditative opening
- Introduction on the Akashic Records
- Dialogue with the Akashic Masters and Teachers on selected topic
- Sharing*

Get the MOST out of our time together:

- It is recommended no alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours prior to gathering.
- Do wear comfy clothes - couches, chairs and floor cushions available

*The Sharing is the opportunity for Kindred Spirits (participants) to share insights on the topic selected and ask relevant questions of the Masters & Teachers of the Akashic Records. Note: Selection of participant questions will be conducted by the Masters and Teachers.



Rev. Kelly S. Jones

A kindred spirit inspired to share the wisdom of the Sages through an open invitation forum whereby personal mastery is the hub of the wheel.

Sessions with Kelly:

Kelly offers private Akashic Records Consultations in-person, on phone and Skype.

Visit her sites at:


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