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Mass Mutual

3800 Colonnade Parkway, Suite 600 · Birmingham, al

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Hosted by JACK EYER or TRE at MASS MUTUAL 3800 Colonnade Parkway, Suite 600, Birmingham, AL 35243-2304.

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LUNCH & LEARN Financial Principles- no charge currently.
WealthBuilding in Real Estate Investing the right way with unmatched Stability- regarding risk, Guaranteed Financing, Asset Protection, Live Income Tax-Free mostly, and Die Richer Tax-Free.
Jack Eyer Wealth Management, Inc.

Join us- bring a notebook. You must RSVP for the next meeting - only 15 spots per class. RSVP for free Salad- be sure you definitely are going to attend- you may contact me via Text[masked]........

“Multiple Streams of Income” isn’t just a catchy book title, or a great promotional headline…it’s truly a way of life. In fact, the average millionaire has created SEVEN total streams of income into their personal financial reservoir. Savvy entrepreneurs understand the importance of making sure that money is flowing in from ALL directions, to help diversify and protect from a slowdown in one sector of the economy.

"The wealth management and financial planning process in America is broken today. (That’s not an uplifting comment…………. I know.)" Typical Planners don't see this as a strategy today- but Asset Allocation mostly in stocks & bonds is what they see? You should be your own Banker & Planner! How Privatized Banking Really Works - can be very Important to Wealth Building & Tax Sheltering. How do you leave Real Estate out I ask Financial Planners? TIME is like a Vapor, goes by quickly- Don't Procrastinate any longer! Get the information you need. Delay is costly!

You and 2 guests are cordially invited to join us for a briefing on the following topics:

Real Estate Investing- Buy/Hold/Flip/Sell/Option/IRA/Wholesale?

Income Tax Reduction Strategies- better now than in many years!

Attractive Terms on Banking & Borrowing- "Guaranteed Financing"? Get Loans with a Phone Call fast as you need- you here it right.

Build Your Own Bank like the wealthy does. Use Borrowed Money to Buy Assets- not spend to save on Income Tax or Devaluing Assets!

Legacy Planning- Die Rich Tax-Free! Designed to be- exempt from creditors/lawsuits Ala. code[masked](b)! Income TAX-FREE, not merely tax-deferred too. Loans are not Taxable...

The Road to Freedom = "Constant Compounding" without losing 33% to income taxing. Think & act like Bank of America does! Arbitrage spreads the Banks use to build huge resources paying you small taxable interest plus charges $$- you can do so similarly if you know-how without losing those dollars which can be HUGE over a career?

So reserve your spot via email or text - it's Free currently. However, do not if you are not certain you will show for one of only 15 seats!! You save $2500 in Financial Planning Fees for this Roadmap to Wealth!!!

Jesus didn’t ask the man beside the pool of Bethesda, “Do you need to get well?” But, “Do you want to get well?” John 5:6 Then he had to take action- lift his Bed? Are You Willing?
Which leads me to one of my Favorite Quotes: "I DO Today What Others Will Not Do, So, That One Day, I Can Do What Others Cannot Do"... Let's find out if you are willing to SAVE & Invest money?
Somebody famous said: "I can lead you to the water, but I cannot make you DRINK." My great desire for you is that: YOU will never consider Divorce because of Finances or Money- said to be #1 reason given.

I recommend all of you Read this for your planning:

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IF YOU PREFER now a private 1 on 1 with JACK now, drop me an Email.

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