Creative Exercises: Drawing Lesson #8 Ready Set Paint

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We are continuing the series "Creative Lessons by Benoit Philippe"

Ready Set Paint!


In this exercise, you are going to work against the clock. You will paint the same subject three times. Each painting must be completed in a shorter time than the previous painting. This is the artist’s equivalent of runners’ interval training.

First interval: Take your first small support, set a timer to 45 minutes, and aim to complete the painting within that time. Stop painting when the alarm goes off.

Rest for 15 minutes – put the first painting away, out of sight, and go make some coffee or get some fresh air with a short walk.

Second interval: Same as before but with the timer set to 30 minutes. Although the time available is shorter, you already know the subject as you painted it once before. When the alarm goes off, stop and put the second painting away.

Relax for 15 minutes.

Third interval: Same as before but with the timer set to 15
minutes. No real time to think or fiddle here. Paint with your instinct.

When you are finished, put all three paintings side by side.
Which one do you prefer? Why?

Print instructions here:
(Pages 20&21)

(Rough) Schedule:
3-3:30 Setup
3:30-4:15 Paint
4:15-4:30 Break
4:30-5 Paint
5-5:15 Break
5:15-5:30 Paint
5:30-6 Discussion
6-6:15 Clean Up

What to bring:
* 3 small canvases or canvas papers
(w/ large canvas you 'll need an easel to set up out front)
* Brushes
* Paint set
* Jar for rinsing brushes
* Towel/Rag for brushes
* Easel (if you have one, but not required)

* The subject. This could be a sketch, a picture ripped out from a magazine or a still life object you bring in.

We will have a still life set up and some images and pictures to choose from as well.

Limited supplies for those in need.


Suggested donations for this meetup are on a sliding scale $3-$10.

Coffee and light snacks are served. Feel free to bring and share a snack too. We suggest something easy to munch on and easy to clean up.