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Date Change:Introduction to LaTex, Sweave, and Git

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Join us as our very own members of the Alamo City R Users Group, Katie Lee and Aaron Lee, present and earn the coveted "I Love R" t-shirt.

LaTex Sweave Summary:

R is an excellent tool for data analysis, but the analysis still has to be shared with others. LaTeX provides a powerful method of professional-quality document layout and typesetting that can reduce the headache of sharing your analysis and research with other people. Sweave allows you to prepare a LaTeX document with your R code embedded, executed, and displayed (if desired) when you compile. Much like R, there is an initial learning curve for LaTeX and Sweave, but then you will be surprised at how quickly you can write professional-looking documents and presentations with far less time wasted on attaining an appropriate layout. This introduction will help you get started with LaTeX and demonstrate with examples how useful this can be as a "tool" for sharing your data analysis skills.

Git Summary:

Tired of emailing around files with names like feb-2013-aarons_rev3_v2.r? Source code management tools allow you to store the history of a project, and track its ongoing changes. I'll talk about a terrific tool called git that allows you to both manage your personal source code, as well as coordinate changes within a team. If you want to follow along with my talk, please download and install git < > , and sign up for a < > account.