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Welcome to all the new members. We now have 440 folks signed up for this group. That means somebody somewhere is ready to take a trip. Yankee Trails and Wade Tours have their new schedules out. I've taken a few Yankee Tours trips and have found them to be fun days. Well planned out with little stress. Great for those that have free time during the week. I've spoken to Yankee Trails and with 10 people we can get a 10% discount. I haven't spoken to Wade ?tours yet, but I suspect it will be close to the same. I suggest you look over the sites and see if there are any trips that interest you and suggest it as a meetup. I'll do the same. Terry

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WELCOME! A casual, social group with an orientation toward; Art, History, Science, Culture, and Outdoor Activities. The activities of the group will always try to include an aerobic component, of varying levels, of at least 1 hour. This group is meant to get you out, stretch your legs, meet new people, and see new things! Hopefully we will all meet new friends! While the Group name references Albany, everyone is welcome (and encouraged) to join!

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