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This group is for anyone interested in learning and practicing the exercises Donna Eden teaches in her Award Winning "Energy Medicine" book. The group's interest will set the pace for our journey through this simple yet powerful material. There will also be EEM 101 and EEM 102 Classes for those seeking to delve more deeply into this work.

We will learn ways to release stress easily and quickly, places to tap when you feel tired, what to do when you feel foggy headed or scrambled, how to release pain, balance meridians and chakras, and how to energy test any substance before ingesting.

We will learn the anatomy of our subtle energy bodies and how the "energy highway" works. We'll learn about the meridians, chakras and the aura and how they communicate with each other to harmonize our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Join us as we discover the natural healing ability we have in our hands. As Donna Eden says, Energy Medicine is "The oldest, safest, most organic medicine there is".

For more information on Eden Energy Medicine go to: Donna Eden's website: Innersource.net (http://innersource.net/em/)

"It is time for minds to open and bodies to heal . . . explore your innate healing abilities"
- Bernie Siegel, MD

This group is facilitated by Mary Arena, an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner. For more information on Mary, her Clinical Practice and Energy Medicine Classes go to: Mary Arena (http://aspacetogrow.org/services/energy)

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