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Would you rather play a casual game of Munchkin than stand around at a bar trying to hear what people are shouting at you & at each other? Would you choose to spend your Thursday night at a Rifftrax Live event instead of a club in a heartbeat? Do you wish they made more than 3 episodes of Sherlock at a time? Do you know who GLaDOS is? If you answered yes to any of these questions then maybe we should hang out! This group is for self-described geeks and/or nerds who are looking to hang out with other members of their tribe. Some of the things I'd like to organize for this group are TableTop nights (games, not dancing), movie "premiere" nights, mini-golf excursions, bowling nights, and anything else that will not include a discussion of Tom Brady (I know, who?). This is the Albany chapter of the Society of Geeks!

We now have a YouTube channel where our organizers will be adding all things Geek! You can search for Albany Society of Geeks on Youtube, or you can check out our first intro video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQdLur3IiOE

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*Movie Night Canceled*
Needs a date and time

John J. Bach Branch of Albany Public Library

The Coneheads was canceled by the library tonight. I'll add another event if they end up reshowing it.

Needs a date and time

Crossgates Mall

Hayao Miyazaki’s directorial debut film, LUPIN THE 3RD: THE CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO is coming to U.S. cinemas nationwide for the first time ever this September for a special two-day event. Lupin and Jigen successfully rob a casino of millions, but only to find that the money is counterfeit. Lupin notices how well the money is forged and decides to make his next target the possible source of the forgery, Cagliostro. They enter the country and run into a car chase between a group of men after a girl in a wedding dress. Lupin, who loves girls, decides to abruptly make a detour to assist the bride in her escape. They successfully outrun the men but have an accident. Lupin goes unconscious but wakes up to find a ring with the royal crest of Cagliostro in a white glove from the bride.

This exciting two-night event also features never before seen special footage with creator comments.


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ANIME WATCH PARTY (online via Kast)!!!

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