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This group is dedicated to those who play Role-Playing Games, specifically those published by Palladium Books, but also those put out by any other game publisher.

If you're new to gaming but don't know where to start, we can help you along. All you'll need is an interest in games and we'll try to find a game that fits your style. Palladium Books has many different genres you can play in, and as all the games are compatible (some do require a bit of tinkering) if you've learned to play one Palladium game, you've learned to play them all.

We currently have a 4 on/4 off RIFTS game running on Saturday nights, please check the schedule and contact either myself (Lord Flame Stryke) or the Event Coordinator (Kalanar Jovell) if you're interested in joining that game. Please note, this is a space-limited venue, although we do try to allow everyone who's interested to join, and the venue has 2 cats.

If you're into Palladium games and would like to host a game, please send the info to me (Lord Flame Stryke) and I'll create a forum for your game. If you're interested in hosting a non-Palladium game, please contact me and we'll discuss how we'll promote it on the board. I'm pretty easy going about most things ^^

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