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Golfers looking to have fun and meet other local golfers. Golfers looking to join should already have been golfing for at least a few years and have the basic skills to play a 4 1/2 round of golf with proper etiquette, skills, pace of play, etc. As a group, we don't mind if you shoot 72 or 102 - just play fast and have respect for the golfers you're playing with. We will be approving our "past and very active" members first to this new group. If you are on the waiting list, just be patient.

Just a few other basic rules for our group:

1. Don't "No Show" to an event - you will be removed from the group immediately.

2. Don't sign up for an event and then remove yourself less than 24 hours from the event. This often times prevents someone on the wait list from being able to sign up. This action is frowned upon HIGHLY!

3. Participation is required - we set our outings up with 16 spots available and we like to have 16 members attend. In the past, this was an issue since our group had 50 members and only 20 participants - the other 30 members never signed up for any of our events. None participation will lead to removal from the group so we can add someone from the "pending" list who wants to golf and have fun.

4. More rules to be added later.


Upcoming events (5+)

Hillendale Golf - June 23rd Event

Hillandale Golf Course

Gabe has set us up at Hillendale Golf in Durham. Our group use to play here each year until the course was temporarily closed down due to financial issues. Back in business and in really good shape. $41 for today for an oldie but goodie! See you there!!!

Mill Creek Golf - June 30th Event

Mill Creek Golf Club

Mill Creek Golf Club. Worth the drive - some of the best conditions we see all year. Fantastic greens and fairways. $54

River Ridge Golf - July 6th Event

River Ridge Golf Club

Our group just loves River Ridge and they love us back. Our current schedule has us coming out 4 times this year and I can always add more. Fantastic driving, chipping and putting areas - arrive early - stay late - enjoy a wonderful facility. $55 for today. See you there!

The Crossing Golf - July 14th Event

The Crossings Golf Club

The Crossings has been in our rotation since I joined the Meetup in 2009. Fun course, usually in good shape, playable by all skill levels with their many tee boxes. NO DRIVING RANGE HERE! Just a putting green where we all gather and pair up. Falls Village is p the road a couple miles and they do have a range you can warm up at if you feel the need. Looking forward to The Crossings! We get the $39 afternoon rate prior to noon!

Past events (25)

River Ridge Golf - June 15th Event

River Ridge Golf Club

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