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Greetings! My name is Gerald. I am Happy YOU are here!!

• Do You like to feel good?!

• Do You want to feel good all day?!

• Do You want to have energy all day?!

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, maybe its time You tried Happy Coffee!?

At these Meetups we will be drinking Elevate Coffee (https://elevacity.com/shop/SignsofSuccess) and sharing our individual experiences with it, together.

Elevate Coffee Samples will be available to those who are interested and they are $15.

It is perfectly acceptable to bring your own coffee along to enjoy while socializing.

ONLY Elevate Coffee will be available at these Meetups.

I have been using Happy Coffee for awhile now and the effects are absolutely amazing. I feel better about myself, my lot in life, and I have more energy than I know what to do with. One must try it to really understand how amazing these products are. I claim to have been changed completely but this may not be your experience. Everyone will have a different experience with Elevate Coffee and my anecdotal retelling of my experience is my own and should not be an expectation for the same or similar results.


This Meetup is primarily to promote Elevate Products to a wider audience.

Elevate Products (https://elevacity.com/shop/SignsofSuccess) will be sold to attendees who desire them but a PURCHASE IS NOT REQUIRED!

Attendees who've paid $15 will receive two(2) sample packs of ElevateMAX Coffee and two(2) XanthoMAX Capsules(2 day supply).

Happy Coffee isn't for everyone; if you have medical concerns please take the nutritional information to your preferred Doctor to receive professional medical advice. None of the previous statements should be construed as medical advice. All attendees partake of Happy Coffee willingly and any resulting reaction is a consequence of the attendees decision making.

By attending this "Coffee Social," attendees indemnify Meetup.com, the Organizer of 'Albuquerque Happy Coffee Meetup Group', and all other attendees for any consequence from consuming hot liquids. All attendees should practice caution while consuming their coffee.

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