What we're about

My vision for this group:
This is a growing group of Albuquerque Holistic Practitioners who come together, network with each other, share insights, talk about & share how they reach clients, troubleshoot their marketing & writing, & get help if they want it. I'll share tips, tools, and ideas with you-- and you can also learn from fellow Holistic Practitioners.
Too often, Holistic Practitioners are our Wellness Warriors against all the crap out there. Holistic Practitioners need support too. I am creating a space here for this.
Whether you are a chiropractor, massage therapist, naturopath, Reiki practitioner, an essential oils wellness advocate/educator, a health coach, holistic psychotherapist or psychiatrist... etc. Welcome.
Please-- Spread the word.

If you want help to reach and engage with more of your Ideal Clients come share & learn. Maybe you're unsure of what's been getting in the way-- you can learn tips and tools to improve your reach. Learn about the ways you "come across" to your readers, so you can improve and connect with them more easily--turning more of them into clients.

The things I can also contribute:
If you want to write better blog posts that shine your excellence, rather than confuse or bore your readers. I can help.
Or maybe you want to write that book hiding inside you (or waiting to be finished) & need some guidance with it. Or your About page (or other profiles) are a mess and you need assistance with crafting them into something engaging readers want to keep reading. I can help.
Or maybe you simply have amazingly helpful information you want to share with the world, but it's all jammed together and hard to read. You have a message to share, but your readers just aren't understanding it, "getting it," or it's somehow not adequately communicating your talents, skills, or your unique brilliance.
Then join this group and together we can Remedy Your Reach!

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