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A moon circle is a group of women who gather on the full moon to honor the cycles of life. The moon circle is open to ALL women. I hope together we can create the most sacred circle, where all are welcome and made to feel safe and loved.

The intention of the moon circle is to co-create connection with other women, the earth, the moon, and the sacred. To reach back and learn about our ancestors, their rituals, rites and sacraments. To create our own ceremonies based on our context. To share and receive beautiful space, deep listening, teachings, and practices. To engage in sacred sisterhood through deep vulnerability and ritual.

Albuquerque Moon Circle Community Guidelines:

These community agreements are intended to guide the Circle in open, honest, respectful conversation. At any time they can be amended by members of the group. The hope is that we will unanimously agree or discuss until a compromise can be reached. If any of these agreements conflicts with your understanding of a conversation, or if you have any concerns with these guidelines, please message the admin!

• In this Circle, no Sister is above another Sister. We are all equals, and will strive for equal sharing time and equal respect.

• Own your triggers. If another Sister says something that you find offensive, respond with the understanding that, there is nothing wrong with what they said, but “this how it made me feel.” Try to understand their intention and don’t judge.

• Healing space. At the end of each circle, we should take space to allow Sisters to share if there are feelings of conflict or fears of discord among the Circle. Each Sister is encouraged to share openly with the group when a conflict arises, so together the Circle can support the healing process. A broken circle can be mended again, but only with open, honest dialogue.

• No politics. Let’s keep politics out of the Circle when at all possible, or at least be open and respectful of different viewpoints.

• This Circle is a space to share and be held in active listening. The purpose of this Circle is not to solve another Sister’s problems, but rather to hold space for them.

• No judgment. Let’s keep all judgment out of the Circle, and strive to not judge other Sisters or ourselves.

• Safe Space, Brave Space - A space where every Sister’s physical and emotional security is upheld is a space where they can be brave to share their deepest thoughts and feelings. We all have a responsibility to keep each other safe, and we all have a responsibility to be brave within the circle.

• With each Circle gathering, let us open and close the circle with a special ritual. This can be as simple as holding hands and making eye contact. Let’s bless and honor the circle in this way, since it is a sacred place unlike the world we leave behind and reenter afterwards. Let’s all bring fresh ideas for opening and closing circles, it will be at the discretion of the Sister Host.

• There are no restrictions around meeting up with any Sister in the group 1-1 or in smaller groups. Sisters should be encouraged not to form cliques, however, and to keep an intention of connecting with each Sister over time to deepen their bond.

• No phones will come out during the Circle, as it is a sacred space and phones can separate us, even unintentionally. Please don’t pull out a phone without the Sister’s permission whom you are connecting with. We understand they can be useful for taking photos (again, only with permission), taking notes, or sharing things. But during the sacred Circle time, let’s keep our attention on one another.

• Keep an open mind. We are all here to learn from each other. Without judgment, listen to what another Sister is sharing and consider it thoughtfully. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, challenge yourself to remain open to its possibility and remember your Sister’s pure intention.

• When you feel challenged, ask for help. Whether it’s around a circle gathering’s logistics, difficulty approaching a conflict with another Sister, or anything - reach out to another Sister or the entire Circle for help.

• Pass the talking stick. During the sacred sharing portions of our Circle gatherings, do not speak unless you are holding the talking stick. This will help us keep our attention on the Sister whose turn it is to share. There will be conversational times with the circle as well, where the stick isn’t used. Try during these times, as well, not to talk over another Sister and to nurture your active listening skills.

• When we are in Sacred Space, you are responsible for your own conduct. Especially as it relates to alcohol and intoxicants, make every effort to conduct yourself respectfully and in a way that is safe for all Sisters. While this is not a 100% sober circle (alcohol may be consumed if the host allows), remember that some sisters may struggle with addiction. Know your limits. Be open, be loving, and reach out for help when you need it!


This Vision was discussed briefly at our first public gathering. This is an idea for how the gatherings could go. It is not set in stone or to be taken as a rigid structure. It is a living document, so if there are ideas or issues with it, please reach out to the admin. This, too, can be amended or adjusted at any time.

• The vision for this Circle is a community of 10-15 Sisters meeting in one another’s homes each month on the night of the full moon. As the Circle grows, new Circles will be created in an effort to keep the same Sisters together. If you wish to create an additional event, reach out to the admin who can connect you with others. It is up to each host if they wish to host people whom they haven’t met with before. If new members wish to join the hosted circle, the host and another Sister can meet them at a public place beforehand, such as a coffee shop.

• Each member of the Circle should either be committed to hosting the group in their home or to help find a place where we can gather (such as a park, a friend’s home, etc.). This way the burden doesn’t fall on one Sister. It is the Sister Host’s responsibility to coordinate and facilitate the Circle. This includes organizing food and drinks if they wish, or asking others to contribute in a potluck style. The Sister Host will also reflect on the moon - using witch guides, farmer’s almanacs, horoscopes, whatever speaks to them - and share a theme with the group ahead of time. For example, on the Harvest Moon we could all bring something for the altar that represents harvest in our lives. The sharing circle questions could be themed around what harvest means for us right now. Finally, the Sister Host will either share a talk or activity with the group, or reach out to another Sister to share something.

• Each circle should be outdoors and/or have a view of the moon, if possible. Of course, hosting indoors will be necessary from time to time. The evening can start with some socializing. Logistics and announcements for the Circle can be shared at the beginning.

• A circle should be formed by the Sisters, a candle will be lit in the center with our makeshift altar, and a ritual will be completed to open the circle (e.g. chanting, reading, prayer, song). Each Sister is encouraged to bring items for the altar to each gathering (e.g. crystals, feathers, cards, any trinket that has meaning for them). We can go around the circle to start by speaking about the item we brought for the altar as each sister places their item in the center.

• Next, the Host or others can share an activity or talk with the group. For example, they could share a meditation how-to, a yoga movement, a talk on astrology, or lead us in a craft. Planning ahead of time is key, so Sisters can wear appropriate clothing (i.e. yoga clothes) or bring the necessary items from home.

• Next comes the sacred sharing time. The Sister Host will play facilitator, and ask the sharing questions. It would be good to include questions such as, “What is your intention for the next moon cycle?” and a check-in on the last moon cycle. Questions related to the theme can also be sprinkled in here.

• Each Sister will share around the circle, passing the talking stick. No Sister should speak while another Sister is holding the talking stick, and all should hold the speaker in active listening.

• Before the circle is closed, a Healing Space moment should be reserved where the Sister Host checks in to see if there is anything left a Sister feels called to share. This would be the time for a Sister to share if they felt triggered by anything another Sister said or ask clarifying questions, without judgement and in a spirit of honesty and openness. All members of the Circle should hold this space to facilitate healing and understanding so our circle remains unbroken.

• Some way of honoring the moon should be included here, either moon gazing or a brief moon prayer or meditation, led by the Host or another Sister. To close the Circle, another ritual will be performed (e.g. chanting or bowing to each other), and it is led by the Sister Host again. Finally, the candle is extinguished.

• After the Circle, there can be time for socializing, sharing food and drink, and celebrating our shared Sisterhood!

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Peaceful Bosque Walk ❤️🌻

Kit Carson park

As discussed, here is a little additional bonus meet up if you well! This will be nothing formal, just a group of sisters meeting to walk and talk in community and nature. We will meet at Kit Carson park and cross the street together to enjoy the walk in community. We will wait at the park for 15 minutes to allow time for others to join! Hope to see you there. ❤️

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September Full Moon Circle {In-Person!}

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