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Co-Parenting Support Group
A guided discussion and exploration of how to create the best relationship possible with the other parent - someday there will be graduations, weddings, grandchildren and it's best to start building that better relationship today. Bring your issues about coparenting: an angry ex who puts the kids in the middle, difficult exchanges, no information about what happens at the other house and we'll discuss the best ways of handling all these issues and more. Anything goes - we're going to be real and really help you and your kids. Feel free to bring food, something to drink or something to share. I'll have tissues on hand, water and lots of great information. Be sure to bring your curiosity as we're going to challenge you!

Relationship Works!

3924 Carlisle Blvd NE · ALBUQUERQUE, NM


What we're about

A regular Meetup about parenting skills and tools to help keep parents on track and supported. People need classes and a license to drive but who teaches parenting? I do! No judgment, no shame -- just coaching and conversation to help all parents be a the top of their parenting game so they are supported in raising respectful, responsible kids who are fun to be around.

We are supportive of homeschoolers as well. Being supported as a parent completely supports homeschoolers!

At each monthly meeting parents will take home new tools for their toolbox to help them learn to create a space where their children learn to be respectful, responsible and fun to be around.

I have taught parenting classes and coached parents, families and children for over ten years and this is one of the ways that I give back to the community for their support of my business.

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