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I just stepped up to be organizer of the group. I understand that many of you are continuing to participate in a readers' group outside of Meetup. The more groups, the merrier!!

Since this group still exists and since I have experience as a Meetup organizer and since I'm an avid reader and since I'm also an author, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep this group going.

Here's what I'm thinking for starters for the group and I would very much like to get feedback from you all on how the group can meet your needs:

I'm suggesting for starters:

1. One official meeting per month on the first Tuesday. Place to be determined. What do you think about Flying Star on Central? We will skip November as it is coming up too soon and the first event will be the first Tuesday in December.

2. For at least the first 6 months I'd like to focus on Sci-Fi/Fantasy and, in particular, authors in those genres who write with a good sense of humor. I'm thinking of authors such as Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Kage Baker, Connie Willis, Jasper Fforde, Jonathan Stroud and ?? (your faves???)

I personally think it would be fun to also have people suggest their own meetups at other times on other types of books. That way everyone can take part. If you suggest, I can post on the site to let everyone know.

I'd like to hear from folks on what you'd like to have happen during our official monthly meeting. We can, of course, discuss the book in question. Are there some other activities? Some of you may be budding (or already budded) writers who may want to do some writing experiments during the meeting (or to bring in with you) based on the book of the month. Maybe someone would like to do a dramatic reading from the book. Ideas????

How about some kind of online forum to have discussions, recommendations, reviews, etc, outside of official meetings?

Ok, so those are my ideas. Let me know yours. I look forward to sharing some fun books together.

Please feel free to check out my own writings on my website. They fall into the category of humorous sci-fi/fantasy. If some of you are also authors, let me know your websites as well. There's nothing more fun than writing for a live, local audience of supportive friends!

Best wishes,

Jay Cutts

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