Question the thoughts that make us unkind

Albuquerque The Work of Byron Katie Meetup
Albuquerque The Work of Byron Katie Meetup
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Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama

This month I invite you to notice the energy of kindness. What does it feel like to live out of that mental space?

Bring to mind a time when you felt driven by kindness. This could be with a patient or client, having open communication with a friend in need, opening a door for someone, hugging a child. Notice how that energy feels. Notice the ease and efficiency of it. Living is easy in those moments.

Notice when you leave this energy. The thoughts and stories that pull us out of that peaceful way of being belong on paper. The validity of these thoughts need to be questioned. When we do this using inquiry, we can return to that easy state of kindness.

Join us for an afternoon of questioning. We will review the basics of this process and question the assumptions we make about this world that keep us trapped in the opposite of kindness: stress, dis-ease, fatigue.

This monthly workshop is open to beginner and advanced practitioners and is a delightful way to meet people. I have enjoyed it immensely.

Cost: 10-20$ depending on income (you choose). All donations go to the New Mexico Soccer Foundation. ( help low income kids afford soccer fees so they can stay healthy. Bring cash or check or donate here. (