Question your assumptions: Holiday Edition

Albuquerque The Work of Byron Katie Meetup
Albuquerque The Work of Byron Katie Meetup
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"It's the most wonderful time of the year". If you are like me, these holiday jingles drive you crazy. It feels like everyone wants me to be happy but I often find myself the least happy of the year. The gift of holiday stress should not be overlooked. All those assumptions that drive me nuts, such as, "I should happily purchase and receive gifts", "My kids should be gracious" "my in laws should agree with my political views" "my sister shouldn't live so far away" belong on paper and questioned. Life beyond my complaints (which do not seem to change much year to year) is much sweeter, more peaceful. I can enjoy the time off, the family and the food. Join us for an afternoon of inquiring into holiday complaints, or anything else that steals your precious peace of mind.