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    Graphic designer, artist, and author investigating the intersection of text and image.
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    I'm a middle aged lady who would like to start writing. I must admit I am more of an Alice Munro wannabe than a Hemingway wannabe.
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    Stories have been percolating but ignored for many years. Now they're getting pushy. Cyberscribes and NaNoWriMo are helping me practice writing with my inner editor duct taped to a chair. Please ignore the muffled screaming in the basement.
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    For most of my 34 years in Albuquerque I’ve made a living as a Computer Consultant. Prior to that I had my own little business designing and building custom furniture. While tech work pays the bills, I’d love to get back to something more creative.
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    Hi, I'm Terri. I've been in New Mexico about 5 yrs and My writing is starting over after about 8 yrs. looking forward to meeting new people that inspire and encourage.
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    Hello! While I don't dream of being on the NYT bestseller list (not always the best books IMHO), would like to see some of my writings published. Looking for help, motivation and support from like-minded people.
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    Typing is an addiction I can't seem to kick in my spare time. I deal mostly in fiction with a focus on toying with the reader. Of course this interest has lead to nothing beyond eye-rolling from my partner, but that hasn't stopped me yet.
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    I am an unemployed computer programmer and the 'cellist in a folk music group. I enjoy writing speculative fiction and may someday branch away from those genres, but for now I find them deeply satisfying.
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    I am working on short stories in paranormal, sci-fi and/or fantasty. Penumbra e-magazine published "The Little Man Who Wasn't There" in their Hitchcock October 1, 2013 issue and closed their doors December 2014.
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    Fiction writer (mystery, sci fi, fantasy, general)
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    Hello! I'm so excited to see this group! I have written professionally (PR and marketing) but don't anymore. I am working on a memoir but also long to do fiction. Can't wait to get started! Need some discipline!