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Alchemy™ Crystal Bowl Meditation Circle

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Come activate your Divine Essence and help recreate society!

NEW POLICY: A photo of your face is required to participate in this group (no sunglasses). The group is private, so only people in this group will be able to see your photo, profile information and communications. If you don't want the wider Meetup community to see your face photo, you can put multiple photos in your Meetup profile, and use the face photo only for this group.

Admission to events is by donation of $5 or more at the door.Participate how you like—listen serenely, hum along, chant your heart out. No experience needed. For the best experience please come scent-free and sober.

We are a community of spiritual seekers and social activists who strive to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization. We do this by co-creating transcendent, meditative, harmonious soundscapes that help us draw closer to Divine Reality and to each other. The pure, luminous music generated by the exquisite Alchemy™ quartz crystal bowls, combined with wisdom from sacred texts, creates mystic and “spiritual food of the hearts and souls”. These sweet sounds gladden and uplift the mind, give wings to the spirit, promote Oneness and develop the limitless capacities of each soul.

As this sonic nourishment transforms us, we use our increased spiritual capacity to transform the world. We promote love for all humankind, gender equality, interfaith harmony, social justice, environmental sustainability and healing racism. Guided meditations and the power of quartz crystal singing bowls amplify these positive intentions.

Kaasay ( (Nancy Watters) is an expert sound healer known for her angelic overtone chanting that blends seamlessly with crystal singing bowls and sacred texts from many spiritual traditions to create beautiful, deeply meditative, joyful, healing spaces. She calls her Sound Sanctuary—Oak Bay ( a sacred, "sonic sweat lodge".

Kaasay volunteers her time and home to this group, as a community service. She draws her inspiration from the Revelation of Baha’u’llah (, one of the most revolutionary spiritual movements on the planet. She is a member of the Tlingit Wooshkitan Eagle Clan of SE Alaska.

To purchase crystal singing bowls or take sound therapy training visit Luminous Tones (

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About the WAIT LIST: If an event is full, we encourage you to put your name on the wait list. When a spot opens, the next person on the wait list is automatically added to the event, and notified by email. Be sure to set your Meetup profile to allow email messages. Then check your messages throughout the day of the event.

OUR NO SHOW POLICY: This group meets in a small venue, with seating for only 25. When someone fails to show up, it means that someone else was not able to attend. So, if you reserve a seat and then find that your plans change (even at the last minute), please be courteous and change your RSVP to "No" so that people on the wait list can attend. If you fail to let us know, and simply don't show up, we'll send a gentle reminder about how the system works. If this happens 3 times, you will be prevented from RSVPing for events until you get in touch with the coordinator.

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