What we're about

This is Meetup group is for all Earth, Spiritualists & Humanists on all proactive walks of energy & paths through life's metaphysical journey.

If you follow or want to explore positive, constructive and spiritually nourishing paths: Wicca, Pagen, Root Work, Witch Craft, Shamanism, the 3 books of the Bible, Tao, Buddhist, Nihilism or Atheist and & all in-between Alchemy Moderne is open to you.

Alchemy Moderne is an open exchange, clearing house, forum, and education platform where all can learn, grow and enjoy.

Alchemy Moderne features informative, interactive workshops, free hobnobs, interesting field trips & exploration. All workshops center on safe and productive techniques of the Mystic and include many different tools, pathways and languages to allow participants to explore, embrace and master each topic. From Tarot to Astrology, Crystals, Minerals & Gemstones to Totems, Astral Projection to Intuition, Elixirs & Infusion to Qi movement: Alchemy Moderne's workshop foster illumination and exploration.

Alchemy Moderne Workshops are created and taught by B.Ber, Metaphysical Practitioner, Mystic and Professional Healer.

~Come surf universal energy in respect, cooperation and enjoyment~

All the best,


please note: Alchemy Moderne is a safe haven: any and all soliciting their services; proselytize/recruit for their Master/Guru, Faith &/or Organization or behave in a predatory manner will be removed & banned from this Meetup group.

If you're interested in sponsorship, paying for workshop or supporting the group, please contact the administrators and do not send money to this site. Thanks for your interest!

Past events (89)

spring gem and mineral show

The Watson Hotel

The New York City Gem & Mineral Show

Holiday Inn-Midtown

Freeport Gem and Mineral Show 29-30 Oct 2016

Freeport Recreation Center

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