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Alchemy of the Apocalypse: A Seminar and Workshop on the Vital Importance of Alchemizing Your Fear.
Apocalypse: from the Ancient Greek meaning to Uncover, Reveal

There is an intensity of energy under the crucible of the Self that is available for Alchemy, if not usurped by Fear.

Alchemy of the Apocalypse is a timely and compelling transmission that relays steps into personal transmutation through the seminar and workshop.

The direct process of alchemical self-transformation allows us to stay aligned in the intensity of the high energy transfiguration that is our evolutionary destiny.

Elements covered include:

The Alchemy of Fear
Apocalypse: Catastrophe or Revelation?
Expansion and Contraction or Love and Fear
Understanding Projection and the Importance of Containment
The Archetype of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse as the 4 Primary Fears
The Magnetics of our Heart and Dynamics of Creation
Raising Our Vibration and Connecting Cosmically
Fear as an Aid to Consciousness
Digesting Fear and the Support of our True Nature

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