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Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable, when you are out at social events, and choose not to consume alcohol?

If you are looking to socialize, and network, in positive, uplifting, vibrant surroundings, then please join us.. You will enjoy a wide range of non-alcoholic events , including after work mixers, picnics in the parks, dance parties and more, where the emphasis is on getting to know one another, not getting wasted.

This is a singles network for individuals who want an alternative to social events that take place in noisy venues where the cocktails are flowing, and the music is loud and annoying.

If you're a business and/ or creative professional who would like to join our community, please provide a recent picture, and share some background information. Thank you!

I started this group, after attending several meetups where alcohol was served It was so raucous, we could not even hear each other. For the record, I have been promoting partying sans booze, here in the NYC metro area, since 1992.

I do not hold any of these alcohol-free events in bars or clubs, as the atmosphere is just not right. The events for this group, and my other meetup, the Zero Proof Party Zone, are held in tea salons, yoga or dance studios, community spaces and juice bars, where the vibe is refreshing and healthy.

Celebrities and entertainers who now enjoy alcohol/drug free lifestyles will be invited to future venues.

If you are looking for the #1 groups, for socializing without alcohol, in the NYC area, that would be this one, and our associate group, the Zero Proof Party Zone.

I do not spend my time organizing other events, parties and mixers where liquor is served.

There is another meetup (with a similar name to this one) that does just that, in an attempt to mix non drinkers (of alcohol) with those who are throwing back regular cocktails, beer, wine, etc.

Talk about missing the point! The main reason I started these alcohol-free social groups was to provide New Yorkers with vibrant, exciting, creative alternatives to the kind of noisy, booze-filled clubs in which those organizers hold their events. You cannot label your event an "Alcohol-free Social," when you are also offering regular alcoholic drinks, at the same venue. Ridiculous!

I'll look forward to hearing from you, with regards to ideas about future meetups.

Thank you for your interest.....

Best, Lynn Earley/Organizer

Who says you can't have fun without alcohol?

*******This is the Original ********Alcohol Free Socials Group

Not affiliated with the group: Sober Group in NYC ..started by a former member of my other meetup.

.We do not hold our alcohol-free events in bars. Ever.

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