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AVGaS is a long running roleplay group. Dedicated to having fun in a group roleplaying many different games from AD&D to Judge Dredd you name it we have probably played it or are more than willing to try. the club boast some very experienced GM's who run at conventions around the UK. We are always on the look out for new Players and DM's of all levels of experienced, if you like fantasy books, crime thrillers, horrors stories. Then why not come along and see how you fair if your the main character of the story.

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This is a regular roleplaying session

Table B - Kuro


This will be the regularly scheduled game for Wednesday unless the GM is unable to run. This is a horror game set in Japan of the future. The players are all students in their late teens. They attend a Japanese school and have for various reasons joined the Occult club. While investigating their school for strange occurrences they stumble upon a decade old mystery that involved a previous Occult club. As they investigate dark secrets start to come to light. Meanwhile in the wider world a computer accident caused the launch of a nuclear armed missile with a gigaton warhead at Japan. The missile disappeared in an unexplained electromagnetic storm as it approached Japan. Apart from a number of planes falling out of the sky due to the EM storm and damage to their power infrastructure Japan was unharmed. The other nations of the world believe that Japan has some form of secret defense that they demand that Japan shares with the world. A confused Japan insists that it does not know what happened. This has increased the tension in the world. Meanwhile in Japan the Incident somehow opened the door to strange, unexplained phenomena. Even as the ‘Wind of the Gods,’ as the continued meteorological unrest has become known, still rages over the Archipelago, creating storms, rains and typhoons, most of the inhabitants of Japan are only worried with what they will do tomorrow, but others understand that something has happened: the spirits have returned, and they do not appear to mean well…

Table A - Roleplay


Adam Crossingham will be running this new SciFi Game System from Paizo

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