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ABOUT THE ORGANIZER: Who is your Meetup Organizer? My name is ReShawna Leaven. I am a Realtor licensed in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. I am a social butterfly and decided back in November of 2013 to create a Meetup Group called Woodbridge Live. Since, the group has been a success, the “Live” Meetups have grown to several throughout the Washington Metro Area with over 1,600 members strong.


How often are the Meetups held? There will be an event in each group at least once a month.

What time do the events start? We will start promptly at 5:00 pm.

What types of events are held? Happy hours, dinners, cruises, wine tasting, wellness, fitness and a host of other events.

Can you bring someone to the event if they are not a member? Yes, you are welcome to bring someone to an event. Please update your RSVP so we can accommodate you and your guest.

What if I arrive late to an event? Depending on the type of event, you are welcome to show up late to the event. However, the specials and other promotions of the venue may or may not be honored when you arrive.

How late is too late to show up to an event? You are welcome to attend at the time that allows in your schedule. If you arrive at 7 pm and the event is scheduled to be over at 7:30 pm, there may be less people to attend with you.

What if it’s your first time attending an event? Don’t worry. We are a friendly group and you always know one member the Organizer.

What if there is inclement weather? Safety is my #1 priority. Always use caution and your own judgement. I will be at an event unless it’s an outdoor only event “rain or shine”


What are the ages of the members who attend the meetup group? We are a very diverse group of professional individuals from early 30s and up.

Is this group only for singles or couples? We welcome everyone whether they are single or have a significant other.

As I adore my real estate agent colleagues, no real estate agents are allowed in this group and will be removed.

We’re Social - http://www.facebook.com/livemeetups


Not showing up to an event that you RSVP'd "YES" for.
Guests (+1) who don't show.
Cancellations generally SAME DAY OF EVENT

Your Organizer,
ReShawna Leaven, Realtor

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KitchenCray of Virginia "Soft Opening" 10/20


KitchenCray is coming to Alexandria. Their soft opening is on Wednesday of this week. Who wants to join me?

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