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The first meeting went really well!

In that meeting, we came up with some initial guidelines about how to proceed.

For this meeting, we will be breaking up into small critique groups of 3-4 members (keep an eye out -- details to follow!) roughly by genre for detailed critique. Materials for critique will be supplied ahead of time (submission guidelines and details provided in a separate post).

We will try to keep the critiques to about 1 hour and 45 minutes, after which we will all gather again and go over any business necessary for the next session.

Critique group members will be expected to have read and taken notes on all submissions within their groups by the meet-up date (Feb. 22). If you cannot make the meeting, please try to provide your notes and input to the writers by some other means.

You will have about 1.5 weeks to go over the 2-3 samples submitted to your critique group.

For the following meeting (Mar. 8), we will meet as a collective and go over the same materials that were submitted for this meeting. This should give us each nearly 4 weeks to go over ALL the materials submitted.

At the end of the meeting on Mar. 8, we will go over everyone's thoughts and feelings as to how this process went, and make adjustments as necessary.