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Tired of feeling like you’re not living? Hard to find jobs that turn you on? Feel like you can’t do what you love because of money?

Let’s stop playing the game that it’s not possible to have a career you love that also gives you the life you want. Who made those rules anyways?!

I’m calling you into “more is possible” land. But, it only works if we create the movement together.

We must gather and support each other with shifting out of limiting ways, understanding our unique gifts, and meeting each other’s needs, so we can amplify the work-life possibilities for all of us.

If you’re done with the uninspiring, isolating way of doing things, come explore and co-create a new way to work and live that is in deep harmony with yourself and the world.

I don’t have all the answers; you don’t have all the answers, but together we can conspire and level-up so gone will be the days of having to sacrifice passion, well-being, or growth. So in the end, we can say we truly lived and made a profound impact in the process.

Are you in?


Here’s a taste what will we do together:

We’ll “jam” – run innovative experiments to get to the heart of the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your life and career, so you can forge a path to a career and life you love.

Whether you’re working out your next career move, creative venture, or big life transition, we’ll help you:

1. Experience and think about your life and career in a totally different way, so you can clarify your vision for what you truly want.
2. Amplify your skills for connecting your vision to others so you can get your needs met and make your dreams come true.
3. Design experiments and mini-action plans so you can take inspired, intentional steps to grow what you desire in your life and work.

Come expand your choices. Learn how to determine the direction that aligns with YOU. Strategize and act in new, powerful ways. Conquer blocks and realize your potential!

Learn how to “dance with life” – to master living for a living, so you can lead your most ecstatic life.

And let’s have a blast in the process!

Note: Music, dancing, and chocolate will be involved! May cause joy and ecstasy. You’ve been warned!

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Embody Your Interview to Land that Job!

Impact Hub Boston, 5th Floor, Meridian Room

Get 3 Wishes Granted – Career Transition Networking Event

Impact Hub Boston, 5th Floor, Meridian Room

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