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The low country of South Carolina has long been one of the most desirable places to live in the southern United States. With seasonal temperatures and sunshine almost 365 days a year, residents enjoy a "comfortable" lifestyle that only a few can live and far too many dream of.
Like much of the south, many South Carolina residents are displaced from states north and beyond. Many have retired and live here permanently, while others have made it their part-time home.

Demographically, the area hosts a multitude of both seasonal soon-to-be retirees as well as those who have chosen this area as their permanent retirement residence. As these individuals tend to be ages 55 and above, a need to develop social ties becomes ever so important (especially since many have family and friends out of the area).

The answer for these individuals comes in the form of "Alive at 55+," a newly-formed social-networking group. The group having originated in early 2012 on the Treasure Coast of Florida, its Organizers have relocated to the area with hopes to continue the group.
As in the past, the group will continue to evolve as an active outlet for both singles and couples who wish to socialize with peer members ages 55 and above in a rather casual social setting. Whether attending a local music event or dining outdoors in one of the many outdoor cafes and restaurants in the area, members have will be able to form social contacts, which often extends beyond the group's sponsored venues. When discussing "Alive at 55+," organizers Daniel DiTonno and Carol LaPlatney display an enthusiasm and positive outlook that is reflective of their group. "We have always had an active membership of individuals who enjoy getting out and meeting others within their age group," stated DiTonno. The group is comprised of energetic people who are not generally "sit home and watch time pass by" types. "In the past, we have had over numerous group activities, many of which were well attended," explained co-organizer LaPlatney. Organizers ensure that members have a most pleasurable experience by often "checking out" local restaurants and activities and events before scheduling an event.

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